How-to: Factory reset SeDevices

Multiswitch_v 3.0:

  • Step 1: Press both the Left Upper and Lower buttons at the same time, and keep them pressed forabout 15 seconds. The Lower Left LED will then start blinking.
  • Step 2: When the Lower Left LED starts blinking, release the held buttons. Then within 5 seconds,Push and HOLD the Lower Right button (opposite to the blinking LED) to confirm the Factory Reset.The Factory Reset is then confirmed by the LEDs flashing in a circular pattern.

           Please note that you can Abort the Reset procedure at any time. Even when the Lower Left LED is blinking, pushing any other button (or just waiting) will Abort the Reset.

Wheel Controller v3.0:

  • Step 1: Push and Hold the DOWN and LEFT wheel buttons at the same time, and keep holding themfor approximately 15 seconds. It is recommended to use two fingers to insure that both buttons arepushed completely down.
  • Step 2: Release the buttons when the text “RESET” appears in the display, after approximately 15seconds.
  • Step 3: Then Push and Hold UP (marked OK) for approximately 1 second to CONFIRM the FactoryReset. Pushing any other direction button will Cancel the Factory Reset, and restore normaloperation. Also, if the RESET is not confirmed within 5 seconds, the device will resume normaloperation.
  • Step 4: When you confirm the Reset by pushing and holding UP, the RESET text will start blinking.Then the device will resume operation, but with all configuration Reset to their defaults. Also, if thedevice was added to a Z-Wave network, the device will no longer be available for Z-Wave control(only Local control will work).

Multiswitch_v 1.120:

  • Step 1: Press both the upper buttons and keepthem pressedforabout 20 seconds (until lowerleft LEDstartsblinking).
  • Step 2: Releasethe two upper buttonsandpress the two lower buttons untilthe lowerrightLED starts blinking. The devicewillnowbe reset and subsequently boot. Note that there is atimeout. The two lower buttons must be pressedwhilethe lowerleft LED is blinking.If  leftled has stoppedblinking before the two lower buttons arepressed, start at step 1 again.

Wheel Controller v1.120:

  • Step 1: Press the down button for 5 seconds -untilthe "shrinking/collapsing" circle areshown in the display
  • Step 2: Release the down button, and after that press all four buttons simultaneously for about10 seconds. Do not pressany other keys in between.Pressing all four buttons can beachievedthe following ways:-  Pressingon the centerof wheel-  LEFTand RIGHT at the same time-  UP and DOWNat  the same time
  • Step 3: After10 seconds,release the buttons. Note that the 10 second timer is rather picky (9or 11 seconds do not work), and it can be difficult to findthe exact time. A stopwatch is arecommended, since thereis no indication in the display when to release the buttons.Step 4: If thebuttons werereleasedat thecorrecttime, "shrinking/collapsing" squares arebriefly showninthedisplay, followedby a "RESET" screen (whereyou can select whetheryou want to do the factoryreset or not). Confirm reset.If the buttons were releasedtoo earlyor too late, the display goesbackto normal. The procedure must then be repeated fromstep 1.


  • Press “Reset” buttonforabout 10 seconds - until LED indicator starts blinking. The resetbutton islocated some 5 mm down in the middle of the three holes on the front. Athintool (avery small screwdriver, atoothpick,a paper clip or similar) is needed to accessthe button.